Q. How does the IceAlert® system work?

A. IceAlerts® make freezing temperatures visible to pedestrians
and drivers, alerting them to possible icy conditions.


Q. How does it do that?

A. IceAlerts® change color from white to blue as
the temperature approaches the freezing point.


Q. How will people notice the device?
A. Informational signs, bearing the IceAlert® symbol which states, "BLUE REFLECTORS INDICATE FREEZING TEMPERATURE" are placed at property entrances.  In addition, each IceAlert® pedestrian unit is mounted on a 7" x 10" sign which states graphically "BLUE STAR=FREEZING"


Q. Where do I place the IceAlert® devices?
A. Users typically install IceAlert® outside of exit doors so that people leaving a nice warm building are immediately warned that ice may be present.  Additional IceAlert® are placed on the property at appropriate locations, on walkways and in parking lots. 


Q. Why do people need IceAlert® to gell them when it is cold?
A. People can feel the cold, but it is difficult to tell how cold.  IceAlert® gives a very prominent blue when people need the additional information, only where the temperature is near freezing or below


Q. How does this help my customers or employees?

A. IceAlert® tells people information they need to know.  The change in color makes them more aware of weather conditions, allowing them to change the behavior before they have an incident on the ice.


Q. What is the life expectancy of the IceAlert® device?

A. We warranty our product for two years. We have customers that have used our product for ten years.


Q. How do I get a no-obligation quote?

A. Call us at 800-831-4551 and give us some information about your facility (street address).  We will recommend an installation that will be effective and economical as possible.


Q. How long after I order can I expect to receive shipment?
A. Most orders are shipped within 24-48 business hours.