Introducing the IceAlert® Pedestrian System


Get a grip on winter. Reduce the risk involved with costly slip & fall
accidents on your property by installing an inexpensive and effective IceAlert® System


Protect yourself, visitors, customers and employees from ice-related slip & fall accidents and injuries by installing an 
IceAlert® System this year at your exit doors,on your walkways, and in your parking areas.  


What makes the IceAlert® System unique is that it provides an alert by changing colors from white to blue only when the potential for ice actually exists. IceAlert® allows people to “see” the temperature from some distance away. There’s no need to walk up close to a thermometer to learn that the temperature is in a dangerous freezing zone. 



The IceAlert® System utilizes the Bluestar technology now in use on roadways. Safety engineers have suggested a wide range of applications that would benefit from installation of IceAlert® pedestrian systems, including hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, retail locations, retirement and assisted living centers, airports and train stations, power plants, office and municipal buildings and more. Specific areas of interest include parking lots, stairs and wheelchair ramps, elevated walkways, loading docks, sidewalks, and pedestrian bridges. 


Each year thousands of people, unaware of dangerous conditions, slip and fall on ice. IceAlert® units placed outside of exit doors and placed appropriately around outdoor parking areas and walkways, will signal when, and only when, freezing or near-freezing conditions exist. This simple outdoor system can prevent many of these slip & fall personal injuries by alerting people that ice may be on the ground and that caution should be used. 


Large signs at property entrances explain that “BLUE REFLECTORS INDICATE FREEZING TEMPERATURES”, and each individual IceAlert® unit is mounted on a 7" x 10" backing sign which graphically indicates that “a blue symbol means freezing temperatures”.


IceAlert® units are popular with maintenance personnel because they install quickly and easily and require essentially no maintenance. The units are rugged and self-contained, with no wires, batteries or electronic components. In addition, these indicators provide clear signals to maintenance workers when de-icing or non-slip compounds should be applied to walkway areas. IceAlert® units can reduce accidents and also reduce your use of expensive and messy de-icers. 


The cost of an IceAlert® for pedestrian protection is very reasonable, particularly considering the protection provided. Each application is unique and the cost depends upon the number of reflectors and signs required. Please see our product pages for complete pricing information. 


For complex installations, IceAlert® will provide design and system layout assistance.