IceAlert® Pedestrian System & Bluestar System™ Questions

Pedestrian System
Blue Star System for Roadways & Parking Lots

Pedestrian System

How does the IceAlert® System work?

IceAlerts® make freezing temperatures visible to pedestrians and drivers, alerting them to possible icy conditions.

How does it do that?

IceAlerts® change color from white to blue as the temperature approaches the freezing point.

icealert® 3 images of temperature
How will people notice the device?

Informational signs, bearing the IceAlert® symbol which states, “BLUE REFLECTORS INDICATE FREEZING TEMPERATURE” are placed at property entrances.  In addition, each IceAlerts® pedestrian unit is mounted on a 7″ x 10″ sign which states graphically “BLUE STAR=FREEZING”

Where do I place the IceAlert® devices?

Users typically install IceAlert® outside of exit doors so that people leaving a nice warm building are immediately warned that ice may be present.  Additional IceAlert® are placed on the property at appropriate locations, on walkways and in parking lots.

Why do people need IceAlert® to tell them when it's cold?

People can feel the cold, but it is difficult to tell how cold it is. IceAlert® gives a very prominent blue reflective star when people need the additional information, only where the temperature is near freezing or below.

How does this help my customers or employees?

IceAlert® tells people information they need to know.  The change in color makes them more aware of weather conditions, allowing them to change the behavior before they have an incident on the ice.

What is the life expectancy of the IceAlert® device?

We warranty our product for two years. We have customers that have used our product for ten years.

How do I get a no-obligation quote?

Call us at 800-831-4551 and give us some information about your facility (street address).  We will recommend an installation that will be effective and economical as possible

How long after I order can I expect to receive shipment?

Most orders are shipped within 24-48 business hours.

Does direct sunlight affect them?

Yes, direct sunlight and the ambient heat from the sun can affect the reading of an IceAlert. If your problem area is in the shade, make sure the IceAlert is positioned in the shade to get a proper reading.

Blue Star System for Roadways

How does the Bluestar System™ Work?

The Bluestar System™ make freezing temperatures visible to motorists, ahead of the vehicle.

How does it do that?

IceAlerts® change color from white to blue as the temperature approaches the freezing point.

icealert® three images of temperature
How will drivers notice this system?

The BlueStar System™ symbol is in motorists “cone of vision” (see next FAQ)

What is the "cone of vision"?

Imagine the roadway stretching out in front of your vehicle. The area you see is called your cone of vision. It includes pavement markings, guideposts, and signage that help you guide your vehicle. Any change in appearance of these markings is both apparent and noticeable.

Why should we invest in the Bluestar System™?

The Bluestar Roadway System™ can reduce the number and severity of accidents by changing drivers’ behavior.

How does it change drivers' behavior?

By giving them real time temperature information that can reflect temperature changes. Compare this to a sign that states, “watch for ice” that is there year round.

What do you mean "real time"?

The Bluestar SystemTM indicates a potential hazard only when the condition actually exists.

How does it do that?

IceAlert® reflectors work as standard white reflective delineators until the temperature approaches the freezing point. Then they turn progressively blue between 38° and 32° F. They are site specific and continuous.

What does site specific and continuous mean?

The temperature is reported at each post and is specific to that post. The message is repeated and reinforced by succeeding devices in the series. This information enables the motorist to make better driving decisions.

Will the motorists understand this system?

Yes, motorists find The Bluestar SystemTM easy to understand because an explanatory sign precedes it. In addition, we have found that when the reflectors appear along roadways, local media are eager to educate the motoring public.

How difficult is it to install and maintain?

The Bluestar SystemTM requires no electricity, pavement cuts, or special posts. It mounts on standard guideposts with hand tools and needs no maintenance beyond occasional cleaning

How long will the reflectors last?

IceAlert® reflectors are very strong and reliable. Made of sealed injection-molded medical-grade poly-carbonate, they are able to withstand repeated and severe shocks to their face. They will provide years of information to your drivers.

Where are Bluestar roadway systems in use?

Here are a few examples of Bluestar roadway system users:

  • City of Kent, Washington
  • Seattle International Airport
  • Pennsylvania DOT
  • Calhoun County, Michigan
  • Paulding County, Ohio
  • San Juan County Public Works, Washingon
  • New Brunswick DOT, Canada
  • City of Staunton, Virginia
  • City of Wheaton, Illinois
  • Dodge County, Minnesota
What is the cost of a reflector?

IceAlert® reflectors are not sold individually. The Bluestar Roadway SystemTM is a complete safety package that assures a standard of consistency in application. For maximum effectiveness, every installation must look the same to the driver.  Please see our order information pages for current pricing.

What do I get for my investment?

You get the proper number of reflectors, mounting instructions, the mounting hardware, explanatory signs, and placement recommendations.

How do I get a no-obligation quote?

Send us a sketch or plan of the site(s) you want to protect. Include the average traffic speed, roadway width, length of bridge and approaches, and any other features that may influence reflector placement. In a few days, we will contact you with a proposal that will include a site plan and the price.

How long after I order can I expect to receive shipment?

Most orders are shipped within 24-48 business hours