Reduce Ice-related Accidents and Accident Risk

IceAlertTM Temperature-Sensitive Indicators

The heart of the Bluestar motorist and the IcealertTM pedestrian safety systems is the patented, highly-reflective, IcealertTM temperature-sensitive indicator. These 6" diameter indicators change color from white to blue as temperatures approach freezing. Motorists and pedestrians are alerted to the dropping temperatures and are made aware that ice may be present or forming.

Please visit the Bluestar roadway and IcealertTM walkway protection pages for more information.

The Bluestar SystemTM The Icealert SystemTM

Provide a new degree of safety to motorists in your area. The Bluestar SystemTM is a visible and unmistakable signal to drivers that the road ahead may be frozen, giving the driver a few precious seconds to slow down. 

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Get a grip on winter. Protect your employees and visitors from ice-related slip & fall accidents and costly injuries. Install The Icealert SystemTM this year on your exit doors, walkways, parking lots and other areas that may be hazardous because of ice.

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