Two innovative safety systems to keep your customers, employees, and visitors safe in extreme winter weather

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IceAlert® Pedestrian System

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  • IceAlert® provides an alert by changing colors from white to blue only when the potential for ice actually exists.
  • IceAlert® allows people to “see” the temperature from some distance away.
  • There’s no need to walk up close to a thermometer to learn that the temperature is in a dangerous freezing zone.

How IceAlert® Works

Falls happen! But many of them can be prevented with an early alert system from IceAlert®. IceAlert® temperature sensitive reflectors report the temperature by changing color from white (above 38F) graduating to blue when the temperature drops to near freezing, alerting employees, customers, and visitors of possible icy conditions and hazardous walking conditions. What makes IceAlert® unique is that it provides a visual alert by changing colors from white to blue only when the potential for ice actually exists. IceAlert® allows people to “see” the temperature.

image showing 3 stages of temperature icealert® monitors

IceAlert® System utilizes the Bluestar technology now in use on roadways. Safety engineers have suggested a wide range of applications that would benefit from the installation of IceAlert® pedestrian systems, including hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, retail locations, retirement and assisted living facilities, airports and train stations, power plants, office and municipal buildings and more. Specific areas of interest include parking lots, stairs and wheelchair ramps, elevated walkways, loading docks, sidewalks, and pedestrian bridges.

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Thousands of people slip and fall on ice, every year.

Annually, thousands of people, unaware of dangerous conditions, slip and fall on ice. IceAlert® reflector units placed outside of exit doors and placed appropriately around outdoor parking areas and walkways, will signal when, and only when, freezing or near-freezing conditions exist. This simple outdoor system can prevent many of these slip and fall personal injuries by alerting people that ice may be present on the ground and that caution should be used.

Blue Reflectors Indicate Freezing Temperatures

Large signs at property entrances explain that “BLUE REFLECTORS INDICATE FREEZING TEMPERATURES”, and each individual IceAlert® unit is mounted on a 7″ x 10″ backing sign which graphically indicates that “a blue star means freezing temperatures”. IceAlert®units are popular with maintenance personnel because they install quickly and easily, and require essentially no maintenance. The units are rugged, last for years and are self-contained. They have no wires, batteries or electronic components. In addition, these indicators provide clear signals to maintenance workers when de-icing or non-slip compounds should be applied to walk way areas. IceAlert® units can reduce accidents and minimize your use of expensive and messy de-icers.

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The cost of an IceAlert®for pedestrian protection is very reasonable, particularly considering the protection provided. Each application is unique and the cost depends upon the number of reflectors and signs required. Please see our product's page for complete pricing information.

For complex installations, IceAlert® will provide design and system layout assistance.

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Placement Tips

Install an explanatory sign at all property entrances. IceAlert® Reflectors are positioned in the parking lot, on walkways and outside of each exit. Transparent IceAlert® advisory signs are placed on exit door windows. Visitors and employees should pass an IceAlert® when arriving or leaving the facility. Pay special attention to areas like handicapped parking, loading docks, stairways, shaded areas, etc. The diagram below is an example of an IceAlert® system installed at a small manufacturing facility.

  • Post the 12″ x 18″ or 18″ x 24″ explanatory sign(s) at your property entrance(s).
  • Install IceAlert® Reflectors slightly below eye-level (approximately 4’6″), FACING TRAFFIC in parking lots, on walkways and outside of each exit door so everyone passes one on the way in or out.
  • Install a transparent door sign on each exit door.
  • If protecting a shaded area, place IceAlert® in the shade, as the temperature reading can be affected by direct sunlight.
icealert® chart showing example of placement of signs

IceAlert® Pedestrian System Explanatory Signs

icealert® explanatory sign
Transparent Static Cling Sign comes in one size
7" x 10"
icealert® explanatory sign
Outdoor Reflective Signs
come in 3 sizes:
  • 12" x 18"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 36 special order
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IceAlert® Bluestar System for Roadways

IceAlert® temperature-sensitive reflectors mount on standard guideposts.  

The Bluestar Roadway System® is simple and effective, and motorists grasp the concept quickly. IceAlert® temperature-sensitive reflectors mount on standard guideposts and act as normal delineators until temperatures near freezing. At that time the reflectors turn blue, alert drivers of potential freezing conditions, and eliminate the hidden hazards of difficult-to-see ice.

icealert® bsr1000 outdoor mounted device

To insure maximum effectiveness and consistency in application, we offer site design help. The Bluestar System® for roadways can be specifically designed for your particular needs/requirements. You send a simple site description of the bridge, overpass, roadway, off-ramp, etc. to us, and we provide a site-specific plan which considers traffic speed and topography, and includes sign and reflector spacing, plus detailed installation instructions. You receive a complete plan for your site, plus the appropriate signs, reflectors and hardware.

IceAlert® roadway reflectors are most effective when installed in a series of 3-5 reflectors, positioned well in advance of the problem area, to give motorists time to react to the ice-warning. Spacing between individual IceAlert® reflectors is generally identical to standard guidepost reflector spacing, and primarily dependent upon traffic speed.

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Rugged & Easy to Install

IceAlert® temperature-sensitive reflectors are rugged and very easy to install.  IceAlert® are post-mounted, stand-alone units with no batteries or electronic components.  Installation does not require pavement cuts, just drive a post into the ground and bolt the IceAlert® to it, or bolt an IceAlert® to an existing post.

Please look over our website as you think of areas in your jurisdiction that might create undetectable ice-related hazards to your local motorists this winter.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a proposal that is cost effective and comprehensive.

IceAlert® Signs

These IceAlert® products are post-mounted, stand-alone units with no batteries or electronic components.
icealert® um1 post mounted sign

Universal Mount

icealert® pm1 post mounted sign

Post Mount

icealert® bsr1000 outdoor mounted device

Mountable Reflector